About us


Joe Ringer 
Founder and Managing Director 

Joe brings to Unitive extensive experience from the Information Communication & Technology industry. He has worked with Tier 1 and 2 clients from across the globe in sectors as diverse as mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, banking, transport, utilities, EPCM, public sector, and healthcare.

Joe’s specialties include business development, complex sales, alliances, strategy development, organisational change management, complex stakeholder management, facilitation and coaching.

Mel Ringer 
Executive Director – Unitive Impact 

Mel is an experienced consultant with extensive experience in private and public education sectors. She is dedicated to the development and delivery of quality engagements and programs that focus on environmental and social impact. Her creative work as an actor compliments these engagements with unique perspectives on personal presence and leadership. With qualifications in science, teaching and environmental management and sustainability, Mel is able to bring best practice, process, quality rigour and practical guidance to clients, whilst helping craft a clear vision for social and environmental change.

Business consultants

Bobby Mehta
Senior Consultant 

Bobby is a visionary leader with extensive experience in private and public sectors as well as establishing new businesses. With specialties in executive management, organisation change and strategic sourcing, Bobby has implemented procurement business units delivering successful market engagement and management of over 140 IT and business contracts, held executive leadership roles for major IT organisations and overseen large scale infrastructure and business application projects. He has designed and led outsourcing implementations with next gen “As a Service” model

Andrea de Wattignar
Senior Consultant

Andrea is a commercially astute, dynamic facilitator and creative thinker who is accustomed to complex transformation environments. Andrea brings 15 years in facilitating people, technology and process change in large organisations and communities and managing change across multiple business channels. Leveraging design and systems thinking in a human-centred approach, she quickly understands and dissects problems, deeply engages, aligns and mobilises collaborators, while accelerating and influencing sustainable change. 

Tracey Hamilton 
Senior Consultant

Tracey is a business growth acceleration expert who leads Moveo Global, a strategic partner to Unitive. With a Masters in International Business and Marketing from Monash University, Melbourne, she has had a successful career accelerating the commercial growth of some of the world’s most ambitious firms – Facebook, Google, YouTube, Spotify, Uber, Unilever, J&J, General Motors, Samsung, Hewlett Packard, GE, Standard Chartered Bank, ANZ, SEEK.com to name a few. 

She’s also had a hand in the growth of an increasing number of next generation tech firms in her Advisory business. Tracey sits as non-executive officer on the board of fashion tech firm, Puctto, Fintech business StroPro, AI & ML business ASMI, and Jetpack (!) start up iJetpack. She also represents the New Zealand Government in her role as Digital Beachhead Advisor for NZ Trade & Enterprise. 

Paul Gibbs 
Senior Consultant

Paul is an experienced information technology executive with a successful track record of developing and delivering innovative services and solutions with partners to complex organisations for positive business outcomes for clients and the business. Paul has held a number of general manager roles and leadership positions in large services organisations with a focus on introducing emerging technologies to mainstream IT business services.

Paul’s key skills and experience include:

  • Leadership of IT Services for enterprises with complex operational and service delivery environments
  • Successful track record in developing and delivering innovative services and solutions across cybersecurity and cloud to complex organisation
  • Developing and delivering IT security services into complex organisation undertaking IT transformations
  • Building balanced resourcing for delivery through outsourcing and managing skills sourcing
  • Procurement and contract negotiation for outsourcing and shared services
  • Governance and commercial management
  • Financial and budget development and management
  • Cost Reduction Strategy and delivery

Phil Sharratt 
Senior Consultant

Phil has over 20 years experience in information technology, banking and finance, manufacturing, state government and consulting. He brings extensive experience across all major aspects of Human Resource Management and Organisation Change Management (OCM).

His OCM experience includes planning, implementation and evaluation of change management across major projects, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and cultural change. He is a highly skilled facilitator and coach in the areas of sales, change management and change leadership.

Paul Meyer
Senior consultant

Paul has worked in the IT industry for 40 years, with the last 1tenfocused on business improvement consulting. With a strong background in operational and infrastructure delivery working for global corporates, Paul uses his skills to diagnose business problems and provide solutions. In recent times, Paul has specialised in business assurance practices and auditing of programs, projects and contracts. Paul holds a Degree in Mathematics and Science, a Black Belt in Six Sigma, as well as a Masters in Accelerating Implementation Methodology.

Sandra Cruz
Senior consultant

Sandra has contributed to the success of small and large companies as a consultant and senior member of a global Fortune 500 company. She has provided knowledge, solutions and expertise around organisational change, agile methods, project life-cycle, methodology, business architecture, business process and training.  Sandra combines technical knowledge with business acumen and leadership skills to advise, manage and train professionals, enabling them to be their best.

Hope Delahunty
Senior Consultant

Hope is a senior change management consultant who has worked in a range of roles in financial services and government for over a decade. Hope’s depth of experience in project management and change makes her a valuable addition to any team dealing with large scale organisational change. With specialties in cyber security, technological projects, organisational change, agile delivery and flexible, distributed and activity based working, Hope is a valuable part of the Unitive team.

Peter Svenneby 
Senior Consultant

Peter is a strategist, consultant, speaker, coach, trainer and practitioner in the domains of Leadership, Sales Excellence and Business Strategy. He is passionate about helping companies and individuals achieve their potential.

Educated as an engineer, Peter spent his early career as a software developer. For the past 24+ years he has been a sales consultant on a quest to master all things sales – encompassing people, process and technology. He is energized by driving the success of great ideas, great products and great companies. He has worked with hundreds of companies of all sizes across the globe.

A significant part of Peter’s work focuses on development of people. A smart and motivated workforce led by authentic leaders can bring performance improvements we can’t predict. When people buy into the definition of their success, are presented with an effective and efficient process to achieve it, and are given the support, training and tools to execute, that they will outperform our expectations.

Peter thrives on building strategies, processes and teams that generate repeatable success. As a part of the Unitive team his approach is both science and art; both systemic and opportunistic; always hands-on and pragmatic.

At Unitive we take on consulting and coaching roles that vary from wholesale creation or rebuilding of a sales operation to complementary roles which fill the gaps.

Paul Howdle 
Senior Consultant

Paul is a business and management consultant with a broad skills-base gained from over 25 years in sales, consulting and executive management roles in businesses ranging in size from startup to multi-national.

Paul has consulted to organisations around Asia Pacific and Australia such as IBM, Telstra, Optus, Fujitsu, QBE, Allianz, Axa, BP, Caltex, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, DXC, Abbott, AbbVie and Mylan. He has worked on a wide variety of assignments, including:

1. Strategic planning at both corporate and business unit level (for banking, insurance, telco, manufacturing and IT sector businesses)
2. Salesforce enablement such as building and training direct and channel sales teams and sales process consulting
3. Channel and Partner management consultancies focused on improving vendor mindshare and performance.

For two years, Paul was a guest lecturer at Australia’s top business school, the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM), leading sessions on Strategic Management, Strategic Finance and Leadership as part of their Executive Development Programmes.

At Fuji Xerox, Paul was one of a three-person team that built their Global Services business from scratch to contracting over $76m in its third year. From there, he joined a CRM SaaS software company as sales and marketing director. From there he joined the management team of Logicalis, a managed service business prior to their successful sale to IBM.

Philip Sack 
Senior Consultant

Phil has over 30 years ICT Industry and commercial Business experience within the Asia Pacific market, across a number of professional disciplines including Executive Leadership, Sales and Support services, Global Alliance and Partner ecosystems, Business Advisor and Mentor

• Prior to starting his own company, Phil had a successful corporate career within organisations such as including Oracle Corporation, Siebel Systems, Sun Microsystems, Canon Computer Systems and Harris Lanier. Philip is also co-Founder of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals – Asia Collaborative Business Community, and the Digital Leadership Institute.

• Phil has extensive specialist experience building and executing successful Go-to-Market strategies and ‘start-up’ business Partnerships, Ecosystems and Strategic Alliances, receiving numerous Global IT Vendor and Independent Industry awards. He is a contributor to ASAP’s Handbook of Alliance Management: A Practitioner’s Guide, Strategic Alliance Magazine, and various Global presentations and webinars on Collaboration and Strategic Alliances. Phil has codesigned, implemented and led many complex strategic and development initiatives including Key Partner Programs, Alliance best practice workshops, Business transformation programs and Collaboration & Innovation projects.

• Phil’s training and education accreditations include an executive MBA, Bachelor’s degree in Business & Computing, Associate Diploma of Engineering – Electronics & Computing, Certified Strategic Alliance Professional, and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He is a member of Australian Institute of Company Directors and Australian Institute of Management, and previously Australian Information Industry Association’s CollabIT & Exporter programs, and an Australian Graduate School of Management student mentor.

Jonathan Osborne
Senior Consultant

Jon Osborne cares about making business more human. With two decades experience as a consultant and coach, he helps people go beyond quick fix solutions to enable their potential. Jon works to produce lasting change at a personal, collective and systemic level. Having trained as an ontological coach, with experience in training other coaches, he combines intuition with rigorous and grounded theory and expertise. Jon offers deep listening and focused insight, and partners with clients to offer reflection, insight and clarity that supports personal transformation. He has experience working with large organisations in a broad range of sectors including construction, financial services, professional services, government, and not for profit. In addition to a wide range of small companies, well-known large clients he has helped include Arup, Autodesk, Bupa, HESTA, Vanguard, Dole, Global Impact and Red Cross.

Relevant Training and Qualifications
● BSc, Audio Technology. Salford University, UK
● Graduate Diploma in Ontological Coaching and Leadership, Newfield Institute
● Foundations of Generative Leadership, Institute for Generative Leadership
● Coaching Excellence in Organisations, Institute of Generative Leadership
● Intro to Gestalt Coaching, Relational Gestalt Australia
● Process Oriented Psychology Facilitation Course, ANZPOP
● LUMA instructor training
● Thought Leaders Business School
● Theory U – EdX / MIT
● Emotions Centered Coaching (ECC), Dan Newby / School of Emotions
● Human Centred Design, Huddle Academy
● Adaptive Leadership, Polykala, Melbourne
● Ethnographic Research masterclass, Paper Giant
● Associate Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation, 2020

Current Teaching and Coaching Positions
● Senior LUMA Instructor, LUMA Institute
● Faculty Coach, Institute of Generative Leadership
● Lead Coach & Program Designer at hack40

Kent  Curtis 
Senior Consultant

Kent W. Curtis is an accomplished individual, organizational, and sales effectiveness consultant and coach, with a wealth of experience in the corporate world. With a strong background in leadership development, strategic planning and execution, process improvement, sales execution and team effectiveness. Kent has worked with renowned organizations such as FranklinCovey, Xerox, Kyocera, and Mars. Through his expertise, he has successfully guided countless individuals and teams to achieve their full potential and drive sustainable growth.


Kent’s exceptional ability to identify and address organizational challenges has made him an invaluable resource for companies seeking to optimize their performance. His deep understanding of human behaviour, coupled with his strategic thinking, enables him to design and implement tailored solutions that align with the unique needs of each organization. Kent’s collaborative approach fosters an environment of trust and accountability, empowering individuals, and teams to enhance their productivity and achieve remarkable results. With his proven track record and dedication to excellence, Kent continues to make a lasting impact on the success and effectiveness of the businesses he works with.

Business creative consultants

Dave Thomsom
Graphics Facilitator 

David transcribes content at conferences, keynote presentations, corporate workshops and team strategy meetings, creating lively visual stories that engage and inspire. His graphics promote creativity, innovative thinking and support lasting memory of content. His work is a powerful and effective addition to any successful strategic planning session, leveraging visual thinking for massive business results.

Jeremy Ham 
Digital solutions 

Jeremy is a talented digital solutions and graphic design entrepreneur. He is skilled at translating customer requirements into engaging user experiences and visual solutions. Jeremy has a Bachelor degree in Graphic/Web design (with a minor in marketing), and a Certificate IV in Fine Arts.


Jackie Graetz 
Program and Projects Manager

Jackie is an experienced and highly capable professional. Having worked in Fortune 500 companies on large change and implementation projects, Jackie is the backbone of the Unitive program office. Jackie has excellent organisational and communication skills, coupled with fine attention to detail and a passion for success stories that engage and inspire.

Mitchelle Edosma
Administrative assistant  

As Unitive’s administrative assistant, Mitchelle is a true all-rounder. Since graduating from college, Mitchelle has thrived in the BPO market working in a range of administrative contexts across the world including customer service, virtual assistance, product sourcing and listing, as well as running social media and advertising campaigns.

Unitive Partners

Unitive partners with a range of service providers to give you access to the very best expertise and experience needed to grow your team, business or organisation. Whether you are looking for high quality education, business analysis, team development, coaching, cultural and organisational change, improved sales, technological innovation, copywriting or design – and more – Unitive has handpicked its partners to support your growth and innovation.