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Great Leadership

What makes a great leader?

Leadership plays a critical role in the success of teams and organisations.

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The Power Of A Growth Mindset In Personal And Professional Development

Growth mindset means believing that abilities can be developed through hard work, dedication, and learning from experiences.

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Effective Leadership Qualities And Their Impact On Team Success

Effective leadership qualities play a significant role in driving team success.

What makes a great coach?

Some people are gifted. Other's work hard. The difference is the coach.

B Corp Ushers In A New Era Of Corporate Responsibility

There's a quiet revolution where board's are rejecting 'vague' green claims.

Four Human Capital Trends That Are Here To Stay

Some Covid changes are here to stay. And that's good news.

Tiger Changes His Swing

Tiger Woods is up to his fourth swing change. What can we learn?

Three Things You Have Control Over

What you can control may surprise you. What are they?

Discipline. The Secret Sauce of Goal Setting

Does discipline deserve a second chance?

When Was The Last Time You Learned Something?

Learning and leadership are made from much the same stuff. Why?

Agility. The Secret to Leading Change

Flexibility is one of the hallmarks of great change leaders. Why?

Five Things You Should Know About Your First Leadership Position

The qualities that got you into leadership won't keep you there.

The Still Small Voice of Leading Change

Bookstore shelves are full of tales of heroic leaders. But are those tales only half the story?

Managing Resistance To Change

Change adaptability is one of the truest indicators of ongoing success. Find out why.

Change Management Vs Change Control

Getting change right requires a great deal of planning.

Feeling nervous about change? We are too!

Joe Ringer talks about his own change journey and what that means for his own approach.

New ideas to drive productivity

The 5-yearly Productivity interim report has just been released. And new ideas are front and centre.

Talking leadership with Joe Ringer

In this wide range interview, Joe talks about the art of leadership