Unveiling Our First Annual Impact Report: A Comprehensive Review of Our Company’s Social and Environmental Impact

As a socially responsible company, we aim to create positive change in the world by using business as a force for good. Since our founding, we’ve placed sustainability and social responsibility as a core value of what we do. It has however taken time for us to organise and measure our impact. Today, we’re proud to unveil our first annual impact report to our stakeholders, team members and clients. The report sheds light on the various ways in which our company has impacted people and the planet over the past year. We have relied on world and industry leading frameworks and measurement systems to objectively assess our performance and help build our improvement roadmap. This is the start of a journey that we have committed to in our constitution, word and actions. There is much still to do, but we are happy to have made a start. The report breaks down our company’s impact into two key pillars: Environmental and Social Impact. We believe these two areas are closely interlinked and are essential to creating a sustainable business model. Within each pillar, we’ve identified key metrics and indicators that allow us to measure our impact and progress. Environmental impact: We believe that businesses have a role to play in reducing their environmental footprint and promoting sustainable practices. Our environmental metrics include our carbon footprint and waste reduction efforts. We are certified carbon neutral, and are working on our path to Net Zero 2030. Social impact: Our social impact metrics measure our ability to create positive change in the communities where we operate. We’ve invested in partners that address issues such as mental health and economic empowerment. The first annual impact report shows that our company is working towards making a positive impact in the world. However, we know that there’s still much more to be done. We’re committed to using the insights gained from the report to improve our practices and initiatives. We’ll use the report as a benchmark to measure our progress over the coming years and to remain accountable to our stakeholders and the wider community. In conclusion, we believe that businesses have the power to create positive change in the world. Our first annual impact report highlights the various ways in which our company is using business as a force for good. As we move forward, we remain committed to our mission of creating a more sustainable and socially responsible world. We hope that our report inspires other companies to embark on their own sustainability journeys and to join us in creating a brighter future for all.

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