Welcome to the Change Chef – Foundations of Change course

The world has changed – and this time for good. 

In this 14 module series, the Change Chef Joe Ringer, takes aspirant, new and seasoned leaders through the journey of change. Combining a multi-disciplinary approach to leadership with 20 years experience as a change agent, Joe will provide practical insights into organisational change – and take you on some of the most unexpected detours along the way. 

You will emerge on the other side more present and more equipped to help your business or organisation take the next step. 

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In the Change Chef Foundations of Change course, you will learn:

How to develop a great mindset for leading.

  • Why you need to invite your body into the mindset conversation
  • Learn about how to really take control of your thinking in a proactive way
  • The thinking habits of a great mindset
  • Why a beginners mindset is the mark of a great mindset


The surprising truth about control.

  • How to master control of the little things to give you an edge
  • How taking control of your breath leads to instant results
  • Why time is our most precious resource in business and leadership
  • How getting control over our energy can boost productivity


The benefits of goal setting.

  • Finding your ‘why’ and why it is your strongest motivator
  • How goal keepers get things done
  • Why taking another look at discipline is the key to reaching your goals
  • Why so few people follow through – and what to do about it


A framework to drive change.

  • Why going into change with your eyes open is so important
  • Why you need a tool kit of different approaches to lead change
  • How to bring people on the change journey
  • How to truly reinforce and celebrate the change

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