Unitive People and Meta Team: A Partnership for Building High Performance Teams

Teams today are different, they’re more diverse, dispersed, digital, and dynamic. Success hinges on a core set of collaborative practices we call team habits. Our strategic partner Meta Team has found a relatively small number of factors have an outsized impact on team success. Teams achieve big returns if they understand what those factors are, then sharpen their focus on practicing and improving each habit in turn.

Unitive People is an arm of Unitive that provides services for the identification, placement and development of leadership, teams and talent. Finding, supporting and retaining that talent to grow your business or organisation is one of the biggest challenges faced by leaders. Our strategic partnership with Meta Team brings this industry leading team development platform to the APAC region.

Meta Team provides an inclusive digital diagnostic that uniquely identifies your team’s bright spots and growth opportunities against the eight core habits shared by all high-performing teams. 

Using Meta Team’s unique algorithm, developed from their work with hundreds of teams worldwide, we map out your personalised team journey made up of 90-minute facilitated workouts to accelerate the cohesion, collaboration and breakthrough performance of your team.

Our complementary services and collaborative approach make us a valuable resource for organisations looking to make positive changes in their teams and proactively build workplace culture.

Meta Team’s approach was developed by Rob Shaw in conjunction with Harvard and McKinsey & Co. Over the last 15 years Meta Team has been tested and refined by working with over 1200 teams.

Unlock Your Team's Potential: Experience breakthrough performance with Meta Team's personalised journey of facilitated workouts, accelerating cohesion, collaboration, and shaping a proactive workplace culture.