Unitive People and Naman HR: A Comprehensive Partnership for Organisational Development through Talent

Unitive and NamanHR are two industry-leading organizations that offer complementary services to help your business build a strong foundation for success. As strategic partners for the Australian and New Zealand region, Unitive and NamanHR work together to provide businesses with comprehensive solutions that cover organisational development, leadership, talent management & development.

Unitive People is an arm of Unitive that provides services for the identification, placement and development of talent. Finding, supporting and retaining that talent to grow your business or organisation is one of the biggest challenges faced by leaders.

NamanHR, is a global human resources firm that provides a range of HR solutions including HR consulting, talent acquisition, assessment, management, development, and employee engagement. With a focus on providing comprehensive HR solutions, NamanHR helps businesses optimise their human capital and build a strong and engaged workforce.

Together, Unitive People and NamanHR offer a best practice and comprehensive set of services that cover both organisation, leadership and talent. By working together, we help businesses build a strong foundation for success by developing strong and effective leaders, optimising your human capital, and engaging your employees.

When our clients are looking for offshore / lower cost centre talent, the partnership with NamanHR can help out. Joint services can also be used to support Unitive’s efforts to promote diversity and inclusivity in hiring.

Working with Unitive People and NamanHR means that your business can benefit from a scalable, customised and integrated approach. With personalized solutions that meet your unique needs, you can build a strong foundation for success and achieve your people goals.

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