Team Coaching

Client teams I have worked with have often tried a wide range of approaches to improve team performance. From personality tests to strengths profiles, mindset training to management skills, they find themselves wondering why nothing really changes. Part of the challenge is that many groups that call themselves a team are actually a bunch of high performing individuals. 
Creating and being part of a real team involves personal risk but creates enormous reward. For those who are committed, creating a high performance team starts with the whole team getting clear on why they are there. A strong, shared purpose provides the foundations for the challenges and rewards of moving from a working group to a real team. Real teams share a vision, hold one-another accountable, and build trust that withstands the inevitable challenges that life and work present. As a result, they continue to grow and produce extraordinary results. 
Executives serious about improving team performance will often combine team coaching with one-on-one coaching. This offers a powerful way for leaders to understand how they show up in a group, and to see how their leadership style affects others. It helps leaders learn how to create and sustain great teams through practice, to produce the holy grail of a team that consistently outperforms while having fun. 

Working with Teams

Developing a high performing team involves three key stages:​

1. Creating a shared purpose
Becoming a team has great rewards but requires a compelling reason to trust and rely on others. Together with your team, we will use the elements of storytelling to create a compelling narrative that guides all that you do. This gets buy-in to undertake the journey – together.


2. Developing a strategy that works


Good strategy tells you what you and your team need to do, and how to do it. It provides clarity for the actions of everyone in the team, regardless of the challenges that arise along the way. Developing a strong strategy offers a reliable way for you to navigate the gap between where you are and the results you seek. We’ll cocreate a strategy that is as unique as the members of your team, that makes sense, and that lives in the hearts and minds of your team – not in a document that no-one understands.




3. Supported implementation

A strategy is only as good as its implementation. We’re committed to helping teams develop new practices and ways of working that reliably deliver the change that they seek.